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The Mote PRG – A Members View

The PRG was established in 2011, as a requirement of Government via the GP Contract Enhanced Services Provisions.

The Group is currently made up of 10 patients, with attendance to meetings by a Doctor from the Practice (on a rotation basis), Lorraine Stringer (Clerical Assistant & Health Care Assistant) and Emma Couch (Practice Manager).

I joined the PRG in December 2013 and I saw on the “Terms of Reference” that the purpose of the PRG is “to facilitate the work of The Mote Medical Practice in the provision of services to patients.”  

Initially, I was interested to learn as to how this was done and to see the relationship between patient members of the group and the professional members.   I was very pleased to see that the members from the Practice were very supportive of the PRG and of the work that we do.

The PRG assists with the work of the Practice in many ways, for example, in carrying out regular surveys of patients to find out where they are happy with what the Practice provides and areas where patients see the need for improvement. Comments cover many aspects, including the difficulty in making appointments, and the need for privacy in reception. We also help with the many reports that the Practice has to provide to the authorities.

These matters are then discussed at the next PRG meeting, and the Practice representatives do take note of the views of the lay members. In many cases this will result in action to improve the work of the Practice and patient satisfaction.

To sum up, I have found that the PRG provides a very worthwhile function.

We do need to ensure that we have enough patients in this group, so if you are willing to give it a try and would like more information please contact Michelle Tarrant, Practice Manager on 01622 756888 to arrange your appointment.

Maurice Coker
The Mote PRG, Member